Craft plugin by Invision Labs

by Pedro Sousa

8 minutes | 13 Mar 2017

Craft plugin by Invision Labs (free)

We revisit Craft by InVision Labs, which is free and powerful set of plugins for sketch and photoshop that can help you streamline your design workflow. These plugins have been updated in the last few months so this seems like a good time to see what's new (like Invision's new Inspect Mode).

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  • Install from Craft by InvisionLabs website
  • Let's go over some of the main features, starting the most recent:
  • Freehand let's colaborate with your team or client in real-time so you capture feedback on your design process.
  • Let's look at Data and Duplicate. This let's you use real text, images or content from API's to fill your designs so you spend less time digging for images and writing lorem ipsum.
  • Another handy tool is Library which lets you generate a style guide from inside you sketch file.
  • Finally, let's look at Sync. This lets you Send your designs into InVision. We just need to select which project we want, choose the artboard and upload our designs.



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