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Sketch for beginners and pros

Every single week we post a Sketch tutorial for beginners and experts alike, we provide interesting content for everyone.

We cover topics like web and mobile design, new plugins from the community, app prototyping and in-depth topics like Colors or Typography. We already have a back catalog of over 100 videos for you to learn from.

Learn Sketch in an Informal way

Most video tutorials are boring, we want to create content that will boost your skills and explore topics you are passionate about as a designer.

For just eight dollars a month, it’s like you pay us coffee once a week and we share some amazing Sketch tips. Fair enough?

Improve your design skills

Every month we go outside of Sketch and take a look at topics like prototyping tools, learn how to code some cool CSS animations, talk about UX, anything really.

We want to keep things fresh but always relevant to designers and developers. We already explored tools like Framer, Figma, Adobe and others. You can send us suggestions for topics you want to learn next.


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Love letters from the community


"SketchCasts helped me leave Photoshop in the dust, and taught me invaluable new skills. Very highly recommended."

Eric Eriksson, Product Designer at Facebook


"SketchCasts is a gem for designers and is one of the first resources to get it right. The lessons are invaluable."

Meng To, Author of Design+Code


"I’ve always felt design tools to be intimidating. SketchCasts helped me grow my skill set, not only for Sketch, but design thinking as well."

João Portela, Developer at InVision

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